Monday, June 30, 2008

To document or not to document, that is the question.

What is worthy of committing to storage? Information? Speculation? Knowledge?

I believe that there's a continuum at play here, along the lines of :

{speculation->information->knowledge->...}, where speculation is raw, unverifiable postulates, information is speculation transformed by direct oberservation and/or experience, and knowledge is information so well understood that it has become the currency of wisdom.

So, what's the good agile minded person to do?

Documenting speculation is the basis for heavy-handed methods and is mostly waste.

Documenting knowledge seems a futile activity that seeks to transfer understanding from one mind the the next.

So, is information the answer, dear Occam?
Oh, and for a facinating read from which some of my opinion is based, see Josip Pajk’s article, here.

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